Highline Excel 2013 Class Video 37

Excel Advanced Filter Extract Data 26 Examples Basic - Advanced


Topics in this video:
1. Advanced Filter: Cross Between Filter and Database Functions.
2. Advanced Filter 3 Areas:
Criteria Area
Data Set
Extract Area: Be sure to keep area below CLEAR!!!!
3. Advanced Filter is in Sort & Filter group on the Data Ribbon Tab.
4. Advanced Filter Keyboard: Alt, A, Q or Alt, D, F, A.
5. Advanced Filter dialog box:
Action: In Place or Copy To Another Location
List: Proper Data Set
Copy to location
Unique Records
6. Extract with 1 condition.
7. Extract with AND criteria: Same Row.
8. Extract with OR Criteria: Different Rows.
9. Defined Names Created by Advanced Filter For Criteria Area and Extract Area.
10. AND and OR Criteria.
11. Don’t Need all fields.
12. Between Criteria for numbers: Repeat Field Names.
13. Between Criteria for Dates: Repeat Field Names.
14. Extract to Different Sheet: Start on sheet you want to extract data to.
15. Extract to Different Workbook: Start in workbook you want to extract data to.
16. Unique List.
17. Unique List with Criteria (David Method).
18. Unique Records.
19. Which to use: Filter or Advanced Filter?
20. Filter with 4 criteria (AND and OR Criteria)
21. Advanced Filter with 4 criteria (AND and OR Criteria)
22. Run Advanced Filter Multiple Times.
23. Advanced Filter Replaces Data Below the Extract Area.
24. Helper Column with Logical Formula to Extract every 5TH record.
Extract every nth record
25. Advanced Filter Formula with Logical Formula to Extract every 5TH record.
Formula and empty cell above used as Criteria for Advanced Filter.
26. Advanced Filter Formula to Extract Items In List 2 That Are NOT In List 1.


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