Highline Excel 2013 Class Video 38

Excel Text To Columns To Split or Convert Data 7 Examples


Topics in this video:
1. Split Text with Delimiter = Space. Split First and Last Name and Skip a column.
Text To Columns keyboard: Alt, A, E or Alt, D, E.
2. Split Text with 1st Time: Delimiter = Comma, 2nd Time: Delimiter = Space. Clean Address data.
TRIM Function to removce spaces.
Paste Special Values using Right-Click-Drag Method.
3. Split Text with Delimiter = Dash. Get code from middle of text string.
4. Split Text with Fixed Width to get hour and minutes from integer number.
5. Split Text with Fixed Width to get year, month and day from integer number.
6. Convert integer number that represents Date to Serial Number Date with Text To Columns, Step 3 = YMD Date Type.
7. Convert Text Dates to Serial Number Dates with Text To Columns (Alt, D, E, F))
8. Convert Numbers stored as text to numbers with Error Checker.


Download “Highline Excel 2013 Workbooks” Highline-Excel-2013-Video-Workbooks.zip – Downloaded 525 times – 21 MB

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