Highline Excel 2013 Class Video 41

Review Of Chart Basics For Excel 2013


Topics in this video:
1. What do Charts do?
Visually portray Quantitative data (number data).
Give a quick impression of the number data.
Create a picture that can communicate more quickly than just the numbers alone.
Charts allow you to see patterns or trends that you may not be able to see if you are looking at just the number data.
2. Chart elements.
3. Effective charts:
Number data AND labels for the number data
No “Chart Junk”
4. Column Charts.
5. Change Chart Titles.
6. Link Labels to Cells.
7. Formatting Charts with Icons next to chart and with Task Panes.
8. Copy Charts.
9. Change Chart Type.
10. Bar Charts.
11. Switch axes labels.
12. Stacked Column Charts.
13. Stacked Bar Charts.
14. Pie Charts.
15. Line Charts.
16. BIG KEY: If the chart does not come out right: Select Data button.
17. X-Y Scatter Charts.
18. Sparklines Cell Charts.
19. Get Stock Data From Yahoo and Create Sparkline.
20. Recommended Charts.
21. Summary of all charts.


Download “Highline Excel 2013 Workbooks” Highline-Excel-2013-Video-Workbooks.zip – Downloaded 534 times – 21 MB

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