Highline Excel 2013 Class Video 50

Financial Functions: PMT, RATE, NPER and FV 12 Examples


Topics in this video:
1. PMT function from Borrower point of view, End Payment.
PMT with Begin Payment.
2. PMT function from Lender point of view.
3. PMT function with Balloon payment at end.
4. PMT function when payments don’t start for 1 year.
5. RATE function: Adjusted APR when there are Points and Fees.
6. PMT and other formulas: Create an Amortisation Table.
7. CUMIPMT function: to calculate total interest over the life of a loan.
8. NPER function: How long to pay off your Credit Card Bill.
9. FV to estimate what you will have at retirement.
10. PMT to estimate how much you can withdraw each month after you retire.
11. Calculate total you can withdraw after retirement and how much you actually deposited while saving.
12. PMT to calculate how much you have to save each month to have a million dollars when you retire.


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