Highline Excel 2016 Class 02-02 Error Messages

Error Messages

Four Steps to finding errors (wrong answer or error message) in formulas:

1. Look at Formula, Look at Range Finder

  • F2 Key puts formula in Edit Mode and shows the rainbow colored Range Finder

2. Evaluate Formula

  • Step by Step Method:
    • Open Evaluate Formula dialog box: Formula Ribbon Tab, Formula Auditing group, Evaluate Formula
    • Keyboard: Alt, M, V
  • To evaluate just a single part of formula while you are in edit mode, highlight part of formula and hit the F9 key. Undo the evaluation with Ctrl + Z.

3. Look to see if Formula Inputs are correct (maybe a number is incorrect or a text item has an extra space.

4. If Formula Inputs are correct, maybe it is the Raw Data that has an error.

    • Maybe a name is misspelled, or the names have extra spaces, or the numbers are stored as text.

Types of Error Messages:


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