Highline Excel 2016 Class 01

Excel Fundamentals: Efficiency, Data, Data Sets, Formatting


In this video learn about these Excel Fundamentals for Excel Highline Excel 2016 Class:
(00:33) Prerequisites for class
(01:04) Excel Professional 2016
(01:50) Install Com Add-in Power Pivot
(02:54) Examples of Effective and Efficient Solutions in Excel
(09:20) What Excel Does: 1) Make Calculations & 2) Data Analysis
(11:25) Structure of Excel: Cells, Worksheets, Sheet Tabs and Workbooks
(13:00) Keyboard Shortcuts are efficient because they help you to accomplish tasks quickly
(15:06) Data Analysis and Business Intelligence terms
(16:31) What is Raw Data?
(17:16) Excel Proper Data Sets
(20:18) Terminology: Cleaning, Transforming, Importing Data Data
(22:40) Data Types and Default Alignment in Excel
(29:05) Excel Table feature
(34:45) Number Formatting is a Façade
(39:13) Date Number Formatting and Date Math (Date Formulas)
(43:51) Time Number Formatting and Time Math (Time Formulas)
(46:35) Percentage Number Formatting
(53:10) Custom Number Formatting
(01:03:00) Style Formatting allows you to present information in an effect way
(01:10:00) Cell Styles
(01:13:45) Page Setup allows you to print information in an effect way
(01:19:24) Summary
(01:20:25) Homework Problems

Highline Excel 2016 Professional Class taught by Michael excelisfun Girvin


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