Highline Excel 2016 Class 02-03 3 Ways to Enter Cell References Into Formulas

3 ways to enter cell references into formulas:

1. Type: Be careful, though, errors may occur.
2. Mouse: Great for when cell reference is far away.
3. Arrow keys: great for when cell references are close.

  • As long as “Dancing Ants” are dancing, the arrow keys will keep moving the cell reference.
  • If Arrow keys do not put cell reference into formula:
      Lower left corner of Status Bar shows the “Formula Editing Mode”
      You can toggle between these modes with the F2 key.

      • Ready = cell is selected.
      • Enter = Arrow keys will work to put cell references in formulas.
      • Point = Arrows keys are working to get cell reference and “Dancing Ants” are dancing.
      • Edit = Arrow keys will move through formula characters. To get into this mode click I-beam cursor in formula.

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