Highline Excel 2016 Class 17

How to Build Excel Dashboard PivotTable, Chart, Conditional Formatting


In this video learn about how to build Excel Dashboard based on Data Model and see first DAX Measure (Formula):
(00:22) Introduction
(02:43) Power Query to Clean, Transform & Import Text Files (From Folder feature)
(09:35) Import Data into Power Pivot Data Model
(11:23) PivotTable #1: for Month & Year Revenue
(11:38) Group Dates in PivotTable based on Data Model: Automatically adds Columns to Data Model Table.
(13:38) First DAX Measure: “Formula for PivotTable”
(19:04) Add Slicer to Multiple PivotTables
(19:52) Chart #1: Line Chart for Month and Year Data
(20:27) Name PivotTables
(21:20) PivotTable #2: Revenue for each SalesRep. Name Pivot. Connect to Slicer.
(22:39) Chart #2: Bar Chart for SalesRep Revenue
(23:52) PivotTable #3: Create Year PivotTable. Name Pivot. Connect to Slicer.
(26:00) Create Text Label for Chart #2 based on PivotTable #3 and Slicer.
(27:10) PivotTable #4: Cross Tabulated Table for Product and Region.
(28:45) Conditional Formatting for PivotTable #4.
(29:58) Paste Linked Picture of PivotTable in Dashboard
(30:48) Add formatting and Alignment to Dashboard
(33:25) Add new Text Files to Folder and Refresh Dashboard
(34:59) Edit Query to remove data from Dashboard.
(35:38) Summary


Download “Highline Excel 2016 Class 17” Highline-Excel-2016-Class-17.zip – Downloaded 68 times – 3 MB

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