Highline Excel 2016 Class 18

Clean & Transform Data: Replace, Flash Fill, Text To Columns, Formulas


In this video learn about:
(00:13) Introduction
(01:08) Find & Replace feature (Clean Data)
(03:49) Flash Fill: Clean Data (10 Examples)
(11:14) Text To Columns (TTC)
(12:16) Text To Columns (TTC) to split data apart into multiple columns based on a delimiter (Transform Data Set)
(15:31) Text To Columns (TTC) to convert ISO Text Dates to Serial Number Dates (Clean Data)
(16:11) Text To Columns (TTC) to convert Text Numbers back to Numbers (Clean Data)
(17:13) Review of Formulas to Clean and Transform Data.
(18:47) When to use Formulas for Data Cleaning and Transforming.
(19:36) Extract First Name automatically when source data changes with Formula (Clean Data). See LEFT & SEARCH functions.
(20:28) Formula for Last Name when some names have middle name and some do not (Clean). See functions: SUBSTITUTE, REPT, LEN, RIGHT functions.
(23:31) Summary


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