Highline Excel 2016 Class 19

Transform Data Sets using Advanced Filter (8 Examples)


In this video learn about:
(00:14) Introduction to Advanced Filter
(02:50) Extract Records based on AND Logical Test (AND Criteria). Comprehensive Example including Defined Names that are created and how to run the Advanced Filter a second or third time.
(09:48) Extract Records based on OR Logical Test (OR Criteria)
(10:39) Extract Records based on “Contains” Criteria (“Partial Text” Criteria)
(12:00) Advanced Filter with Complex Criteria
(13:00) Advanced Filter Extract to Different Sheet. Extract Data for a given year. See how to create formulas to create criteria base on year. See the functions, DATE and TEXT.
(18:00) Advanced Filter to get a Unique List from Column
(19:53) Advanced Filter with Helper Column Formula to Create Table Report with Professional and Neat Formatting and Page Setup. See the functions: AND and SEARCH.
(29:32) Advanced Filter with Formula Criteria on Large Data Set to Create Report


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