Highline Excel 2016 Class 20

Power Query Import Multiple Excel Files & PivotTable Show Values As


In this video learn about:
(00:15) Overview: Clean & Transform & Import Multiple Excel Files with 1 Sheet Each & Create PivotTable Report
(03:00) Step 1: Import Multiple Excel Files, 1 Sheet Each, including Power Query (M Language) Excel.Workbook function.
(11:45) Step 2: Load to Data Model and create DAX Measure for Total Sales, Edit Power Query
(15:19) Step 3: Create PivotTable based on Data Model and Group Dates by Month and Year.
(16:50) Step 5: Use Show Values As feature in a PivotTable: % of Grand Total, Difference From, % Difference From, Running Total, and % Running Total.
(19:48) Step 4: Add Slicers for City and Year
(20:40) Step 6: Finalise Report
(21:40) Step 7: We Get New Files in Folder, After we Refresh: Everything Updates!


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