Highline Excel 2016 Class 24

Financial Functions: PMT, RATE, NPER and FV 12 Examples


In this video learn about:
(00:01) Introduction
(02:22) PMT function from Borrower point of view, End Payment
(07:10) PMT with Begin Payment
(08:19) PMT function from Lender point of view
(09:25) PMT function with Balloon payment at end
(11:17) PMT function when payments don’t start for 1 year
(17:20) RATE function: Adjusted APR when there are Points and Fees
(23:23) PMT and other formulas: Create an Amortisation Table
(29:49) CUMIPMT function: to calculate total interest over the life of a loan
(30:41) NPER function: How long to pay off your Credit Card Bill
(32:20) FV to estimate what you will have at retirement
(35:16) PMT to estimate how much you can withdraw each month after you retire
(36:55) Calculate total you can withdraw after retirement and how much you actually deposited while saving.
(38:25) PMT to calculate how much you have to save each month to have a million dollars when you retire.


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