Highline Excel 2016 Class 26

Macro Recorder Basics & Copying VBA Code From Internet


In this video use Macro Recorder to record six Macros:
(00:12) Basics for Recorded Macros (VBA)
(05:55) Absolute Reference Macro: Format report that always has the same number of columns and rows. This Macro is stored in Personal Workbook.
(18:32) Absolute & Relative Reference Macro: Format report that that has an unknown number of rows
(26:38) Relative Reference Macro to convert vertical records into a proper data set with horizontal records
(31:09) Search for VBA Code online: Function to spell out numbers as words
(33:04) Search for VBA Code online: Add or count cells with red fill
(35:52) Form Control Button to Add Record to Existing Proper Data Set on different sheet.
(39:37) Summary


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