Office 2016 05

Create Ad Flyer In Word, Create pdf and web page files with Save As


Topics in this video:
(00:01) Introduction
(03:21) Formatting Keyboards:
(07:40) Insert Clip Art or Pictures
(11:05) Highlighting and Fill to add background colour
(14:39) Highlight to end of document = Ctrl + Shift + End
(14:39) Bullets and Numbering are a Paragraph Level Formatting
(16:43) Page Setup, a Section Level Formatting
(17:55) Tab and Shift Tab to move forward and backward through dialog box or web site text boxes
(19:55) Page Borders
(21:23) Auto Save Time cam be changed in Options dialog Box
(22:03) Print dialog box AND Print Preview
(23:10) Spell Check
(25:05) Save As PDF File
(26:25) Save As web site
(30:00) Summary



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