Office 2016 07

Create a Resume in Word


Topics in this video:
(00:01) Introduction
(00:13) Guidelines for Resume
(02:18) Look at Word Resume Templates
(03:03) Set System Name in Word Options
(03:28) How to use Template
(03:50) Understanding Word Tables
(06:08) Download Start File
(06:47) Create Custom Resume with Two Columns
(06:47) Create Structure and Formatting for Resume
(07:52) Created Letterhead in Resume
(09:34) Change Paragraph Spacing (Before and After) of all paragraphs in documents
(11:00) Add Columns to Resume
(11:59) Set Section so we can have Columns on one part of the page, but not the other
(13:18) Add two Columns to the second section of our document
(13:36) Create a Column Break
(14:32) Change width of columns
(15:25) Add consistent formatting to the different parts of the Resume using Format Painter
(23:09) Convert Two Column Resume to Single Column Resume with all elements listed vertically
(24:30) Summary



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