Office 2016 12

Word Styles, Table of Contents & Send to PowerPoint (Intro To PowerPoint)


Topics in this video:
(00:01) Introduction and Download Video, Picture and Excel Files
(01:25) Add PowerPoint icon to Task bar and Open PowerPoint
(02:30) Title Slide
(03:10) New Slide
(03:33) Slide Pane to create slides and type text
(05:00) Outline View to create slides and type text
(07:54) Different Layouts
(08:36) Insert Photo
(09:44) Insert Videos
(13:50) Insert Paste Special Link
(17:43) Themes and Variants on Design Ribbon
(18:21) Transitions Ribbon tab
(21:00) Animation Ribbon tab
(21:30) Slide Master
(27:31) Run Slide Show
(29:08) Different Views, including Notes View
(30:05) Printing and Page Setup
(31:35) Handout Slide Master to Adjust printing for page numbers
(32:46) Summary



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