Office 2016 13

Excel Basics 1: Introduction To Excel 1: Formatting, Formulas, Cell References, Page Setup


Topics in this video:
(00:01) Introduction
(01:30) Excel file = “Workbook”, not “Document”
(02:22) Columns (Represented by Letters) and Rows (Represented by Numbers)
(02:29) Cells = Intersection of Column and Row = Name or Address like B5 or A1
(03:46) Worksheet = Sheet = All the Cells
(03:55) Sheet Tab = Name of worksheet and Insert New Sheets
(04:18) Double-click Sheet Tab to highlight sheet name, then type sheet name, then hit Enter
(04:18) You can add new sheets with Plus button to the right of the sheets:
(05:00) Workbook = All the sheets = File = File Name
(05:20) Selection Cursor is the “thick white cross with a slight black shadow” cursor.
(05:20) Move Cursor
(05:20) Fill Handle = after you select a cell the little black square in the lower right corner.
(05:20) Cross Hair or “Angry Rabbit” Cursor
(06:45) Entering data or formulas
(07:42) Cross Hair or “Angry Rabbit” Cursor Magic
(13:22) Default Alignment In Excel:
(14:20) Stylistic Formatting examples:
(17:22) Select whole table:
(18:35) Entering data into a large range of cells
(22:05) Formulas
(22:05) First Formula using SUM
(24:37) Cell References
(26:15) AVERAGE Function
(34:40) Percentage Formula with Relative Cell Reference and Absolute Cell References Cell
(42:30) Number Formatting
(47:52) Page Setup
(58:32) Move Sheet and Copying Sheet:
(01:01:47) Summary



Download “EB01-Gradebook-Finished.xlsx” EB01-Gradebook-Finished.xlsx – Downloaded 28 times – 19 KB

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