Office 2016 14

Excel Basics 2: Introduction to Excel 2: Excel's Golden Rule for Formulas, Formula Inputs, & Charts


Topics in this video:
(00:01) Introduction
(00:25) Goal of video
(03:07) Type labels for Net Income Projection Table and Assumption Table
(07:18) Add Stylistic Formatting
(09:00) Enter Formula Inputs
(09:35) Format Cells Dialog Box using Ctrl + 1
(13:43) Start Revenue Formula (we are not copying this formula anywhere)
(14:12) Revenue Increase Formula (uses Relative and Absolute Cell References):
(15:50) Why Percentage Revenue Increase Formula is TRUE
(19:26) The Beauty of Excel
(20:23) Expense Formula (uses Relative and Absolute Cell References)
(22:15) Why Expense Formula is TRUE
(22:30) Net Income Formula (uses two Relative Cell References)
(24:05) Insert Chart: Column Chart
(25:03) Move and Resize Chart
(26:12) Format Chart with Green Plus
(27:00) Discuss Chart Junk
(27:44) Delete Chart Elements
(28:22) Open Chart Formatting Task Pane with Ctrl + 1
(30:36) Link Chart Title to Cell
(32:56) Use Alt Key to Snap Chart to Grid
(33:26) Excel’s Golden Rule
(32:26) Use Assumption Table (Formula Input Table) to change Formula inputs and watch everything update
(34:26) Page Setup
(36:56) Summary



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