Office 2016 17

Excel Basics 5: PivotTable Power to Create Reports with Various Calculations & Layouts


Topics in this video:
(00:01) Introduction
(01:46) Keyboard for PivotTable
(04:00) Why a PivotTable is called a PivotTable
(04:25) Cross Tabulated Report (Adding with 2 Criteria)
(05:15) Calculations with Conditions or Criteria
(07:40) Change Calculation in Values area
(09:18) Drop Number or Text fields in Values area
(11:43) PivotTables on Large Data Set is Easy!!
(12:00) Keyboard to jump to bottom of column
(13:00) Keyboard for PivotTable on New Sheet
(15:30) Format PivotTable with Style
(16:05) Slicer to Filter who PivotTable
(19:24) Summary – Conclusion



Download “Office 2016 Video 17” EB05-PivotTableCalculationsLayout.xlsx – Downloaded 23 times – 1 MB

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