Office 2016 21

Excel Basics 9: Number Formatting as Facade & the ROUND Function


Topics in this video:
(00:01) Introduction
(02:10) What does Number Formatting do?
(03:20) Formulas do NOT see Number Formatting
(04:20) Number Formatting can save a lot of time for Data Entry
(07:03) Compare General, Currency and Accounting Number Formatting
(09:43) Percentage Number Formatting
(14:55) Rounding
(16:15) ROUND Function Basics
(20:34) When you MUST Round
(21:36) ROUND Function for Payroll
(24:00) ROUND Function for Invoicing
(26:30) ROUND Function for Income Taxes when you need to round to the dollar
(27:22) Summary – Conclusion



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