Office 2016 22

Excel Basics 10: Date & Time Number Formatting, Formulas, Functions & Calculations


Topics in this video:
(00:01) Introduction
(01:25) Keyboard to toggle Ribbon Tabs on and off
(01:46) Date Number Formatting
(04:55) Number Days Invoice Late Calculation
(05:30) Keyboard to hard code today’s date in a cell
(08:30) TODAY Date Function
(10:38) Loan Maturity Date Calculation
(11:36) Number Days in Project Calculation
(12:51) EDATE Function to calculate Invoice Due Date 2 months in the future
(15:06) EOMONTH Function to calculate Invoice Due Date at the End Of The Month
(16:53) Number of Days Late for Invoice Template
(18:25) Time Number Formatting
(18:58) Date and Time Data Entry Errors that result in Text Values
(21:26) Keyboard to Apply General Number Formatting (Eraser)
(24:41) Hours Worked Calculation
(28:44) Hours Worked or Hours Studied Before and After Lunch Calculation
(30:16) SUM Function for Hours Worked Before and After Lunch Calculation
(32:34) Formula Elevator (Evaluate Formula feature) to see how formula is calculated by Excel
(35:09) Full Payroll Time Sheet Net Pay Template
(38:16) Summary – Conclusion



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