Office 2016 31

Excel Basics 19: SUMIFS, COUNTIFS, AVERAGEIFS, functions calculations w 1 or more Criteria


Topics in this video:
(00:01) Introduction
(01:30) Review of SUMIFS and COUNTIFS examples we hjave already done in this class.
(03:38) What is an AND Logical Test
(06:40) Example 1. Goal: Count How Many BUSN Classes You Had With a Grade of 3 or Higher. COUNTIFS Example.
(10:52) Excel and Access are NOT Case Sensitive
(11:59) Example 2. Goal: Add Total Credits for BUSN Classes in the Year 2017. SUMIFS Example.
(14:14) Example 3. Goal: Average Grades for BUSN Classes in the Year 2017. AVERAGEIFS Example.
(16:11) Example 4. Goal: Add Total COGS for Quad Product in the Year 2017. SUMIFS Example.
(18:03) Example 5. Goal: Add Total Sales for each Product in the Year 2017. SUMIFS Example with Relative and Absolute Cell References.
(20:39) Example 6. Goal: Count number of Sales Great Than 2000 for each product in the year 2017. COUNTIFS function with 3 Criteria.
(24:22) Example 7. Goal: Add Sales for each Product automatically with the SUMIFS function and the Excel Table feature.
(27:21) Example 8. Goal: Count how many times an Assembly Line Post fell below the required Less Than 10 second assembly time. COUNTIFS Function.
(29:37) Example 9-10. Goal: Find Min Time for Each Assembly Line Post. See the New MAXIFS and MINIFS Functions in Office 365 Excel 2016.
(33:34) Summary – Conclusion



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