Office 2016 32

Excel Basics 20: PivotTable Power: 14 Amazing PivotTable Reporting Tricks: Slicers to Show Values As


Topics in this video:
(00:01) Introduction
(01:51) Review of PivotTables we have already completed in this class.
(03:15) What is Data Analysis in one sentence
(03:34) What’s is Proper Data Set in Excel?
(03:50) Example 1: Use VLOOKUP to Add New Fields/Column to the Data Set:
(06:50) Example 2: Create Country & Product Category Average Revenue Report
(08:14) How to interpret Criteria/conditions/filters in a Cross Tabulated Report
(10:00) Indicate Until with Label, Not Number Formatting
(10:32) Example 3: Change SUM Function to Average Function
(11:34) Example 4: Change the PivotTable Style (If you want)
(12:33) Example 5: Name PivotTable
(13:23) Example 6: Group Daily Dates into Months and Years
(16:54) Example 7: Add Year Slicer to our “Country Report” PivotTable and format the Slicer
(18:18) How to Interpret Criteria / Conditions / Filters from Rows area, Columns area and Filter or Slicer area in a PivotTable.
(20:00) Example 8: From “SalesData” Table, Create Product Revenue PivotTable Report with Multiple Calculations in One PivotTable
(22:08) Example of Text Field in Values area of PivotTable
(23:25) Example 9: Connect Slicer to 2 Pivots
(25:00) Formulas to Test Show Values As PivotTable Calculations
(26:30) Example 10: Add a “Show Values As” “Difference From”
(29:40) Example 11: Add a “Show Values As” “% Difference From”
(30:22) Example 12: Add a “Show Values As” Running Total”
(32:22) Example 13: Count of Phones Purchased Report & % Phones Purchased Report
(35:21) Example 14: Show Values As % of Row Total: Does CPA Prep Course Help? Report
(37:56) Summary – Conclusion



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