Office 2016 36

Excel Basics 24: Excel Charts & Graphs to Visualize Quantitative Data. No Chart Junk!!!


Topics in this Video:
(00:01) Introduction to Excel Charts & Graphs
(02:46) Excel Chart Terminology
(04:00) What is Chart Junk?
(05:35) Column and Bar Charts for comparing numbers across categories
(11:35) Formatting Chart Elements with Buttons or Task Pane
(15:25) Cross Tabulated Reports and Clustered & Stacked Column Charts
(18:15) Pie Charts less effective than Column or Bar Charts
(19:19) Line Charts to show trends or patterns over time
(24:25) Select Data Source dialog box
(25:45) X Y Scatter Charts for X Y Data to show a Relationship between Two Numbers
(31:05) Recommended Charts
(33:11) Summary



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