Office 2016 37

Excel Basics 25: Power Query (Get & Transform) to Clean & Transform Data into Proper Data Set


Topics in this Video:
(00:01) Introduction to Power Query and the examples in this video
(02:50) Difference between Data Ribbon Tabs in Office 365 Excel 2016 and Non-Office 365 Excel 2016
(04:32) Example #1: Convert “NOT a Proper Data Set” into a Proper Data Set & Make PivotTable Report
(05:00) Compare Flash Fill and Power Query
(06:16) What is a Delimiter?
(07:02) What is a Query? In Power Query, Access and other programs?
(09:22) Import data from an Excel sheet into the Query Editor using From Table Range button
(10:18) Split By Delimiter
(11:30) Rename columns
(12:00) What is a Data Type?
(14:53) Close Query and Load to Sheet
(16:22) Queries Pane
(17:00) Make PivotTable
(18:04) Add New Data and Refresh
(20:12) Example #2: Import Multiple Text Files & Transform into Proper Data Set
(20:28) Download and unzip Text Files
(22:11) What is a Text File and how are they used in Data Analysis?
(24:02) Use From File, From Folder option to import multiple Text Files into Power Query and combine into a single Proper Data Set
(25:50) Use Query Editor to finish combine query.
(27:05) How to edit or delete steps in a query.
(27:05) How to edit the folder path if location of folder changes
(27:51) Close and Load straight to s Worksheet.
(28:30) Add new Text Files to Folder and update in Excel
(29:38) Summary



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