Dueling Excel

Dueling Excel 133

March 15, 2017 0

DESCRIPTION See Mr Excel and excelisfun use two methods to sum the three biggest values that match three criteria (3 conditions) 1. Advanced Filter and LARGE and MAX value 2. SUM and LARGE functions with […]

Excel Topics

Hide / Show Worksheet Gridlines

March 14, 2017 0

The gridlines displayed in a worksheet can be very useful especially when you are designing your worksheets. There are times however when you may want to hide the gridlines. How to hide/show gridlines for a […]

Excel Features

Create A Workbook From A Template

March 14, 2017 0

Creating an Excel workbook from a template helps save you time because you can use a ready made spreadsheet. Most templates can also be customised once downloaded and saved. HOW TO DOWNLOAD A TEMPLATE Step […]

Excel Is Fun

Excel Magic Trick 1278

March 13, 2017 0

Extract Colour From Description (Text String) Learn how to Extract Colour From Description (Text String) using LOOKUP & SEARCH functions and the Big Number 2^15 in an Array Formula. WORKBOOKS

Excel Features

Create Your Own Icons Using Wingdings

March 12, 2017 0

Wingdings & Webdings are symbolic fonts used in most of the Microsoft Office package programs including Excel. Microsoft Wingdings was released in 1992 and there are three versions of it: Wingdings, Wingdings2 and Wingdings3. The […]

Excel Is Fun

Highline Excel 2013 Class Video 26

March 10, 2017 0

DESCRIPTION Topics in this video: 1. Is Item In List 2 also in List 1? Use MATCH and ISNUMBER. Comparing a prospective customer sales phone list to the companies master customer list. 2. Sort Dialog […]

Excel Is Fun

Excel Magic Trick 1277

March 9, 2017 0

DESCRIPTION Learn how to to Sort Logical Values Alphabetically: false, FALSE, False, true, TRUE, True, and mixed single word text. See how using a space at the end of text will work, but will cause […]

Dueling Excel

Dueling Excel 132

March 8, 2017 0

DESCRIPTION See Mr Excel and excelisfun use two methods to convert from the numbers 10.1 and 10.2 to 10.333 and 10.667, and the reverse using two methods: 1. DOLLARDE and DOLLARFR functions 2. MOD and […]

Excel Features

Split Panes

March 7, 2017 0

A very handy feature in Excel is the ability to view more than one copy of your worksheet and to be able to scroll through each pane of your worksheet independently. You can do this […]