Power BI for Accountants

DAX Approximate Match Lookup & Exact Match Lookup Together for Discounted Product Price


Topics in Video:
01. Download Files
02. Video Introduction and review of Topics covered in video
03. Introduction to Power BI Desktop
04. Overview of process of using Power BI Desktop to build our specific Reports and Dashboards
05. Open and Save Power BI File
06. Import Excel dProduct Lookup Tables
07. Import and Append Multiple Text Files with Sales Data
08. Clean Data
09. Discussion of Relationships and why they are important
10. Create Calendar Table using DAX CALENDAR Table Function
11. Create Calculated Columns with DAX Functions: MONTH, FORMAT and YEAR
12. Create Relationships and discuss more about Relationships
13. Save As to save Power BI File
14. Create Cross Tabulated Power BI Report
15. Show Values As % of Column Total
16. Create Gross Profit Dash Board
17. DAX Measure for Gross Profit %
18. Column and Bar Chart as Slicer for Gross Profit Dashboard
19. Dashboard Interactivity
20. Add New Data And Watch Dashboard Update
21. Conclusion & Summary


Download “Power BI for Accountants” Power-BI-for-Accountants.zip – Downloaded 82 times – 51 MB

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