Remove All Data After /

I have list of domains in excel I would like to delete all the subfolders without going in one by one is there a way to do?


my list has about 300 domains how can I delete everything after the forward slash?

There are a few solutions to this problem but probably the easiest and quickest is to use the replace function.
See the steps below for a full step by step guide.

Replace Data1
Select all the cells containing the data you want to change.

Replace Data2
Select the Home tab
In the Editing group click the Find & Select command.
Select Replace from the dropdown list.

You can also use the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + H

Replace Data3

In the Find what: box type /*
This tells Excel to find the character /.
The * represents a wildcard which tells Excel all the data after the /

Leave the Replace with: box blank as all we want to do is delete the data.

Click Replace All.

Replace Data Sample

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