Remove The Excel 2013 Start-up Screen

When you start Excel 2013 you are taken to the new start-up screen. This can prove very useful if you want to open a workbook you recently used or want to open a template.
There is of course and option to skip the start up screen and we will go through the steps on how to do this.

Excel 2013 Start Up Screen
Excel 2013 Start Up Screen

Step 1

Click the File tab and select Options from the left menu. This will open the Excel Options dialog box.

Step 2

The General tab should be selected by default, if not click on General.

Step 3

The last option in the General tab is Show the Start screen when this application starts.
If this option is checked the Start up screen will appear.
If this option is unchecked you will be taken to a blank workbook when you start Excel 2013, just the same as in older versions of Excel.
Remove The Excel 2013 Start-up Screen2

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