Staff Attendance and Sickness Template v1.1 – v1.2



The main purpose of the template is to assist you in monitoring staff attendance, holidays, sickness and training days.
The template can monitor up to 100 staff names.
There is a navigation menu at the top of each page which will allow you to easily navigate between pages.
The template is split into 14 pages. This is made up of one page for each month of the year, a graphs page and the set up page.

To download this template click on the link at the bottom of this article.
There is also a link to download a sample template and try the template for yourself.
Please feel free to add below any comments or suggestions for future versions.

The Set Up Page

Staff Attendance and Sickness Template v1.1
The set up page is the only place you can
• Add, edit or remove staff names.
• Select which month the year starts
• Select a year for the template.
• Clear all data from all months in the template.
The set up tab will also display total days for each staff member.

The Graphs Page

Staff Attendance and Sickness Template v1.1-02
The graphs page will display individual graphs for each category.
The graphs will show monthly totals for the year.

The Month Page

Staff Attendance and Sickness Template v1.1-03
The month page will display in the left column, each of the staff members you previously added in the set up tab.
The month and year will be displayed at the top left of the page.
The day and date related to the month and year are displayed along the top.
Each day is split into half days. A – am and P – pm.
You can enter data corresponding to the staff member and the day. A single letter is all that is required for each half day. A key for each letter is displayed to the right of the page.
Each letter added to a half day will counted and displayed in the setup and graphs pages.

Setting Up

When you are starting a new year first create a copy of the workbook as all data in the current workbook will be removed.

Select the Set Up page and click Clear All Contents.
A pop up box will appear warning you all data in the workbook will be removed.

Click Yes then OK if you are happy to continue.
All current data will be removed and you will now have a blank template to start a new year.

In the Set Up page select a month from the dropdown list.
The navigation menu will update to reflect whatever month you choose to start the year.

Change the year.
When you change the month and year the days in the month page will automatically update to correspond to the related month and year.

Adding Names

Select the Set Up page.

Click below the last name on the staff list.

Click in the Formula Bar and type the staff name, press Enter when complete.
The staff name will now be displayed in the staff name list and will also be added to all the month pages.
When a new name is added the row is then activated to display the data for that staff member.

Manually add the staff member’s holiday entitlement and any holidays brought forward from the previous year if required.
The remaining columns will automatically be populated when data is added to the corresponding staff member in the month pages.
If holidays are added in the months pages they will be deducted from the staff members total and a remaining balance will be displayed.



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  1. I just wanted to thank Kevin for the great customer service I received. I needed a couple of changes to the template and he did them straight away without any hesitation.
    Tim Ornellas
    Paddock Wood

  2. I was looking to include occurrence too?? would this be possible? through my work more than three occurrence there follows disciplinary meeting. If this could be included I will purchase


  3. We have a percentage sickness target. If we go above that target we have to have a meeting. The target can then be amended for that employee and another meeting set. It is possible to flag when some meets their own target?

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