Excel Is Fun

Excel Magic Trick 1345

DESCRIPTION See how to use a Logical Formula and Conditional Formatting to highlight Product Name when no items are entered in the row. See 4 methods: (00:11) Introduction to Using Logical Formulas to Apply Conditional [Read More >>>]

Excel Is Fun

Excel Magic Trick 1327

DESCRIPTION See how to create a Formula to Count Words in a Column with Mixed Data: Not COUNTA, but with COUNTIFS with the criteria “*?” (Count Text with One or More Characters) and NOT a [Read More >>>]

Excel Is Fun

Highline Excel 2013 Class Video 40

DESCRIPTION Topics in this video: 1. Built-in Conditional Formatting. Conditional Formatting to cells: A logical test that comes out TRUE or FALSE. TRUE = get Formatting. FALSE = Not get Formatting. 2. Highlight Cell Rules: [Read More >>>]

Dueling Excel

Dueling Excel 105

Count Between Words DESCRIPTION See Mr Excel and excelisfun use two methods to count between words using formulas and VBA. INDEX and MATCH and COUNTA functions to count between words WORKBOOKS

Excel Is Fun

Excel Magic Trick 1201

Conditional Format Product With No Sales (5 Examples) DESCRIPTION See how to: (00:08) Problem Setup (00:43) Format Product with NO Sales: COUNT & =0 (02:46) Format Product with NO Sales: COUNT & NOT (Any non-zero [Read More >>>]