Excel Is Fun

Power BI for Accountants

DESCRIPTION Topics in Video: 01. Download Files 02. Video Introduction and review of Topics covered in video 03. Introduction to Power BI Desktop 04. Overview of process of using Power BI Desktop to build our [Read More >>>]

Excel Is Fun

Excel Magic Trick 1432

DESCRIPTION See how to create nine DAX Formulas that build a Confidence Interval: (00:13) Introduction to the Confidence Interval example, reference video about Statistics, and introduction to Data Model used in this video (03:34) Formula [Read More >>>]

Excel Is Fun

Highline Excel 2016 Class 22

DESCRIPTION In this video learn about: (00:16) Introduction to Entire Project, including what type of start files we have and what the final report looks like. (03:36) What is Data Modelling? Steps to creating a [Read More >>>]

Excel Is Fun

Excel Magic Trick 1367

DESCRIPTION How to make Calendar Table in Power BI Desktop? See how to create three types of Calendar Tables in Power BI Desktop using the CALENDAR Function and various other functions: (00:02) Files to Download [Read More >>>]

Excel Topics

The Home Tab – Clipboard Group

The Home tab is probably where you will spend most of your time as this contains the most common commands like formatting & style commands, commands to insert and delete rows or columns, plus an [Read More >>>]


Microsoft Excel Workbook Formats

In Excel 2007 Microsoft introduced a new file format, Office Open XML which allows other programs to easily work with Excel workbooks. Listed below is a list of the most common file formats you will [Read More >>>]

Excel 2013 PowerPivot Basics

Excel 2013 PowerPivot Basics 11

DESCRIPTION See how to: (00:47) Group By Date: Excel PivotTable: 1) Drag Date to Rows, Right-click Group, Years and Months (02:04) Group By Date: PowerPivot PivotTable: (02:07) Add Revenue Table to PowerPivot Data Model (02:46) [Read More >>>]

Excel 2013 PowerPivot Basics

Excel 2013 PowerPivot Basics 07

DESCRIPTION See how to: (00:17) Calendar Table in Diagram View with no Calculated Fields (00:58) Format Date Column (01:08) Create Calculated Column #01: Month Number using MONTH function. (01:53) Create Calculated Column #02: Month Name [Read More >>>]