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Highline Excel 2013 Class Video 26

March 10, 2017 0

DESCRIPTION Topics in this video: 1. Is Item In List 2 also in List 1? Use MATCH and ISNUMBER. Comparing a prospective customer sales phone list to the companies master customer list. 2. Sort Dialog […]

Excel Is Fun

Excel Magic Trick 1271

February 16, 2017 0

DESCRIPTION Extract Top 20 Values & Dates: Formula, Array Formula or Power Query? Learn how to extract Top 20 values and dates for those values using Formulas when there are no duplicates, Array Formula for […]

Excel Is Fun

Excel Magic Trick 1259

January 5, 2017 0

DESCRIPTION Can VLOOKUP Lookup Duplicates? Yes! Helper Column or Array Formula? Learn how to use two lookup values to lookup an item in a table: (00:11) Problem Introduction and discussion of default behavior for VLOOKUP […]

Excel Is Fun

Excel Magic Trick 1254

December 8, 2016 0

DESCRIPTION Lookup Item Where 2 Values Are Closest: Helper Column or Array Formula? Learn how to create solution to lookup an item where two values are closets in value: (00:10) Problem Introduction (00:36) Helper Column […]

Excel Is Fun

Excel Magic Trick 1253

December 5, 2016 0

DESCRIPTION Can I Make VLOOKUP Use Column Headers? Yes: Use VLOOKUP & MATCH! Learn how to get VLOOKUP to use Column Headers for the col_index-num argument by using the MATCH function. See how to lookup […]

Excel Is Fun

Excel Magic Trick 1249

November 21, 2016 0

DESCRIPTION Build Database with Excel 2016 Table feature & VLOOKUP to Get Invoice Detail **Note; The word “Database” is used loosely in this video. We use it just to mean we have a dynamic table […]

Excel Is Fun

Excel Magic Trick 1242

October 27, 2016 0

DESCRIPTION Transform Large Data Set to Final GDP Report: TTC, MATCH, Filter & Format Learn how to Take Large Data Set with Country Economic Data for the years 1970 to 2013 and filter, delete and […]

Excel Is Fun

Excel Magic Trick 1235

October 3, 2016 0

DESCRIPTION 2-Way Lookup For Currency Conversion: Don’t Use IF, Use INDEX or VLOOKUP Learn how to do a two way lookup to retrieve the conversion rate for currencies: (00:11) Two-Way Lookup for Currency Conversion Problem […]

Dueling Excel

Dueling Excel 105

September 21, 2016 0

Count Between Words DESCRIPTION See Mr Excel and excelisfun use two methods to count between words using formulas and VBA. INDEX and MATCH and COUNTA functions to count between words WORKBOOKS

Excel Is Fun

Excel Magic Trick 1231

September 19, 2016 0

DESCRIPTION VLOOKUP to 36 Different Tables: CHOOSE, OFFSET or INDIRECT function? Learn how to: (00:12) Introduction to problem we want to solve. (01:52) CHOOSE Function Solution, with VLOOKUP and MATCH functions and the asterisk wild […]