Excel 2013 PowerPivot Basics

Excel 2013 PowerPivot Basics 07

DESCRIPTION See how to: (00:17) Calendar Table in Diagram View with no Calculated Fields (00:58) Format Date Column (01:08) Create Calculated Column #01: Month Number using MONTH function. (01:53) Create Calculated Column #02: Month Name [Read More >>>]

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Excel Magic Trick 1104

DESCRIPTION See how to add unit numbers with AND and OR Criteria where the criteria are given as years and months but date column contains serial number dates. See how to use SUMIFS function to [Read More >>>]

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Excel Magic Trick 1103

DESCRIPTION Formulas for Quarters, Fiscal Quarters & Fiscal Years: (00:07) Quarters using CEILING and MONTH function (02:48) Fiscal Quarter using LOOKUP and MONTH (05:24) Fiscal Quarter using IF, MONTH and CEILING (06:40) Fiscal Year using [Read More >>>]

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Excel Magic Trick 1086

DESCRIPTION 3 Way Lookup Formula & Conditional Formatting, Date Criteria Mismatch & Merged Cell Trouble See how to:  (00:11 min) Create formula to lookup a value from a table with three criteria: INDEX and MATCH and [Read More >>>]