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Excel Magic Trick 1295

May 11, 2017 0

DESCRIPTION Learn how to create random transaction description codes for products by randomly looking up a row from a product lookup table with the INDEX and RANDBETWEEN functions and then join them with a dash […]

Excel Is Fun

Excel Magic Trick 1282

March 27, 2017 0

Lookup And Return Multiple Items to a Single Cell: TEXTJOIN Function DESCRIPTION See how to use the amazing new Excel 2016 function TEXTJOIN to Find Multiple Lookup Values In First Colum AND return Multiple Items […]

Excel Is Fun

Excel Magic Trick 1281

March 23, 2017 0

TEXTJOIN & CONCAT New Excel 2016 functions (14 Examples of Joining Items) DESCRIPTION Learn about the new Excel 2016 functions TEXTJOIN and CONCAT. Compare and contrast these newer functions to the older methods of using […]

Excel Is Fun

Excel Magic Trick 1280

March 20, 2017 0

How To Get Latest Excel Updates for Insider Program: Office 365 DESCRIPTION Learn how to download the Insider Program Version of Excel 2016 so you can get new periodic updates with new features such as […]