Excel Is Fun

Excel Magic Trick 1444 Part 2

DESCRIPTION See how to use Excel Formulas to analyze a group of customers who have been given coupons to three stores. Our goal is to count how many customers used coupons in one of eight [Read More >>>]

Excel Is Fun

Excel Magic Trick 1382

DESCRIPTION See how to: (00:15) Introduction to Contains Criteria (Partial Text Criteria) in an OR Logical Test, when search for records with Multiple Contains Criteria. (02:00) #1 Filter & Helper Column with Formula that uses [Read More >>>]

Excel Is Fun

Highline Excel 2016 Class 05

DESCRIPTION In this video learn about: (00:04) Download Files (00:24) Aggregate vs. Array Calculations & Define Array (02:55) Define Array Formulas (05:49) Example of non-array formula. Standard Formula: Formulas that calculate a single answer. Goal: [Read More >>>]

Excel Is Fun

Excel Magic Trick 1313

DESCRIPTION Learn how to create an Array Formula to Create Sorted Unique List in Cell. This is a huge complicated formula that requires the Excel 2016 function TEXTJOIN. There are many interesting formula elements in [Read More >>>]

Excel Is Fun

Excel Magic Trick 1294

DESCRIPTION If you do not have a Proper Data Set Lookup Table, but rather a Rectangular Improper Lookup Table, learn how to create a single cell formula to Score Myers-Briggs Assessment (Test). This amazing formula [Read More >>>]

Dueling Excel

Dueling Excel 010

DESCRIPTION See Mr Excel and excelisfun invert a range (Turn a range of cells upside down) with two different INDEX formulas. See the functions: INDEX ROW, ROWS, COLUMNS. See how to flip range 180 degrees [Read More >>>]

Excel Is Fun

Highline Excel 2013 Class Video 32

DESCRIPTION Topics in this video: 1. Essential definition of array formula: operation on an array of items rather than single items. 2. Example of operation on single items: subtracting 2 cells. 3. Example of operation [Read More >>>]