The Developer Tab

The Developer Tab contains a variety of tools that allow you to customize Excel. Of particular importance is the fact that the Developer tab contains tools that allow you to create, access and edit macros. By default the Developer Tab is not displayed to enable and display complete the following steps.

Enable The Developer Tab

Click the File tab.
Select Options from the menu on the left of the screen.
The Excel Options dialog box will be displayed.
Developer Tab1

Select Customize Ribbon.
In the right hand pane click the check-box next to Developer.
Click OK.
Developer Tab2

The Developer tab will now be displayed in the tabs section of the ribbon.
Developer Tab3

The Developer tab is broken into five main groups:

Code   Add-Ins   Controls   XML   Modify

Code Group

The Code group of the Developer tab contains functions that allow you to create, access and edit Macros.
You can also control the level of security used when handling Macros.
Developer Tab4

Visual Basic

When you click the Visual Basic button you will be taken to the Visual Basic Editor (VBE).
The programming language used in Excel is Visual Basics for Applications better known as VBA.
This section allows you to create and edit the VBA code.
Developer Tab5


The Macros button will give you a listing of all Macros that exist in any open workbook.
From here you can modify Macros in many different ways.
Developer Tab6

Record Macro

When you click on Record Macro an option box will be displayed allowing you to input details of your new Macro.
Developer Tab7

Use Relative References

When you record a macro with relative cell referencing the actions recorded in the macro are relative to the starting cell location.

Developer Tab9
Relative References disabled
Developer Tab8
Relative References enabled

Macro Security

You can set a macro security level to control what happens when you open a workbook that contains a macro.
Developer Tab10


Add-Ins are programs that add optional commands and features to Microsoft Excel.
The Add-Ins section handles all add-ins to Excel. Various 3rd party products can be installed that work within Excel.
Developer Tab11

Developer Tab16
Add-Ins options box
Developer Tab17
COM Add-Ins options box

Controls Group

The Controls group of the Developer tab allows you to insert and edit items added from Form Controls or ActiveX Controls. These controls can then be linked to a Macro.
Developer Tab12


The Insert options dropdown which lets you add various Form and ActiveX Controls.
Developer Tab18

Design Mode

Design Mode will be shaded when enabled.
Design mode must be enabled to modify a selected control.
Developer Tab19


View or modify properties for a selected control.

View Code

View and modify the Visual Basic code for a selected control.

Run Dialog

Run a custom dialog box.

XML Group

XML allows you to store and share structured data in a readable format. Excel can import data from databases and other applications in XML format and likewise it can output XML files to be imported into other applications. This makes it easier to obtain and manipulate data from other sources that support XML
Developer Tab13

Documents Panel

Developer Tab14
The Document Panel allows you to specify templates that open in various Office compatible programs such as SharePoint.
Developer Tab15

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