The Home Tab – Clipboard Group

The Home Tab01
The Home tab is probably where you will spend most of your time as this contains the most common commands like formatting & style commands, commands to insert and delete rows or columns, plus an assortment of worksheet editing commands.


The Home Tab Clipboard1
Starting from the left the first group is the Clipboard group. This group contains the standard copy, cut, paste and paste special options as well as the very useful Format Painter.


The Copy and Paste commands allow you to copy the contents of a cell(s) including all formatting to another cell(s).
Below is an example of this command.
The Home Tab - Clipboard1

  • Type into cell A1.
  • Click Copy in the Ribbon. Ctrl+C (you should now see the dancing ants around cell A1)
  • Click on cell B1.
  • Click Paste in the Ribbon. Ctrl+V now appears in both cells A1 & B1

You can also paste the contents into multiple cells.
Using the above steps select cells A4:B6 and click Paste.

When you enter data into a cell and press enter Excel drops down to the next cell by default.
If you press Ctrl+Enter you will stay in the same cell.


Excel normally copies all the information in a cell or in a range of cells you select when you paste the data. You can use the Paste Special command to specify other options, such as pasting only the cell contents (without the formatting) or only the formatting (without the cell contents).

To paste particular parts of a cell selection

Select the cell(s) and click Copy.
The Home Tab Clipboard6

Select the cell(s) where you are going to Paste the copied cell(s) into.
Click the arrow at the bottom of the Paste command in the ribbon.
The Home Tab Clipboard7

Select Paste Special to open the Paste Special dialog box
The Home Tab Clipboard8


The Cut command is similar to the Copy command only when you select Cut the contents of the cell is deleted once you click Paste in another cell.
Below is an example of this command.
The Home Tab Clipboard3

  • Type MasterExcel into cell A1
  • Click Cut in the Ribbon (you should now see the dancing ants around cell A1)
  • Click on cell B1
  • Click Paste in the Ribbon
  • MasterExcel should now appear in cell B1 and be removed from A1

Keyboard Shortcut to Cut Ctrl+X


The Home Tab Clipboard4
The Copy As Picture command allows you to copy part of your Worksheet as an image. This can be very useful when you want to include a snapshot of your Worksheet in an email, document or within a presentation.

The Home Tab Clipboard5

  • Select the cell(s) you want to copy.
  • Click the Copy Dropdown Arrow.
  • Select Copy as Picture.
  • Select a place in the worksheet and click Paste.

You can also paste the image in other applications like Work, Outlook, Powerpoint etc.


The Format Painter can be used to quickly copy an existing format to other data. For example if you have formatted a range with a special font size, border, alignment and background colour you can easily transfer that format to data elsewhere in your spreadsheet using the Format Painter button without changing the text contained in the cell.

The Home Tab Clipboard9

  • Type in into cell A1
  • Type in MasterExcel.net2 into cell B1
  • Format the cell A1 by adding Bold, font colour, background colour
  • Click Format Painter in the Ribbon (notice that the cursor icon has changed to a paint brush)
  • Click in cell B1
You will notice the format you added in cell A1 has been added to cell B1 but the text has stayed the same as this command only copies the formatting of the cell and not the actual cell contents.If you double click on Format Painter you can click multiple cells to paste the formatting in, click Format Painter once to end.


    • To preserve picture quality, items that you copy by using the As shown on screen and Picture options are always pasted at 100% of their original size. For example, if you scale a worksheet at 75%, a copied item from that worksheet may appear larger because it is pasted at actual size.

      Format: Picture will insert a standard jpeg image or if you prefer you can choose to save the image as bitmap format.

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