Using AutoCorrect For Shorthand Data Entry

You can use the AutoCorrect feature to create shortcuts for commonly used words or phrases. For example if you find yourself regularly typing a company name e.g. you can create an AutoCorrect entry for an abbreviation such as msx. Then whenever you type msx Excel automatically changes it to In this example we will go through the steps on how this is done.

To set up your custom AutoCorrect entry access the Excel Options dialogue box
Click File > Options.
Click the Proofing tab.
Click AutoCorrect Options…..

The AutoCorrect dialog box will now be displayed.

Click the AutoCorrect tab.
Check the option labelled Replace Text as You Type.


In the Replace box input the shortcut you are using for the text.
In this example the shortcut is msx.

In the With box input the text related to the shortcut.
In this example the text is


Type the shortcut into any cell and press Enter.


Notice that Excel replaces the shortcut with the full text.



You can set up as many custom entries as you like. Just be careful not to use an abbreviation that might appear normally in your text.

Excel shares your AutoCorrect list with other Microsoft Office applications.
All AutoCorrect entries you created in Excel also work in Word and vice-versa.

Visual Example


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