Worksheet Tabs

Each worksheet has a tab at the bottom of the workbook which contains the name of the worksheet.
By default Excel names a new worksheet “Sheet1” if you add another this is named “Sheet2” and so on.
Worksheet Tabs1

Rename a worksheet tab.
Right click the tab and select Rename or double-click on the tab name.
Change the worksheet tab colour.
Right click on the tab and select Tab Colour. Select a colour for your tab.
Move a worksheet tab.
Click+Hold the tab and drag it to whatever position you require it to be. Release the click to drop the tab into position.
Delete a worksheet.
Right click on the tab name and select Delete.
Worksheet Tabs2

If you have a number of worksheets in the same workbook it is not always possible to see all the worksheet tabs on screen.
To navigate tabs use the arrow icons to the left of the first tab or right click on the icons to display a list of all your worksheets.
You can also jump to the last/first worksheet by holding the Ctrl button and then clicking the arrow. If you hover over the arrows you can see these options.
Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+PgUp and Ctrl+PgDn.
Worksheet Tabs3

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